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Two Years Today.....

The Granite Firefly is officially two years old.

Help us celebrate with 20% off all online orders

The first candle that I created from what has become our signature wax was pulled from the mold on 2/22/22. Then, I founded the LLC on 4/4/22. Lots of (unintentional) number synchronicity, and some very fun dates to celebrate!

(our first two candles, with obviously the wrong wick!)

We've done a few things right. We've done plenty of things wrong, too. And we continue to learn, grow and (hopefully) improve every day.

But now, we want to take some time to thank all of you for being a part of this adventure, and for supporting our little candle company. This is our story.....

The Granite Firefly Candle Company was born from tragedy, necessity and intention. Our lives were suddenly altered in 2021, when Donnie sustained a traumatic head injury. The ensuing months required extensive rest, rehabilitation and an extremely controlled environment. For weeks, he was unable to tolerate either natural light or interior light. Candlelight, however, was agreeable. So, we burned candles, often around the clock to ensure he could safely move about when needed.

As time went on, I started to wonder about another safety issue....the candles themselves. I began to learn that many candles contain various environmental toxins, particularly candles made from paraffin wax. I was also struggling with what to do with all the containers left behind after the candle had burned. While Donnie rested, I began to research.......

After experimenting with many different waxes and pouring techniques, I discovered a clean burning, sustainably sourced wax that could be used to create pillar candles. No toxins, no containers left behind! But more amazing were the unique crystallized patterns that formed as the candles cooled. Feathered and one of a kind, each candle looked different than the one before.

I continued to experiment, and after a ridiculous amount of trial, error and dozens of test burns, I finally found the right wick for the job. Natural cotton, clean burning. Hot enough to handle the density of the wax, but not too hot to make a mess. Donnie rested. I tested candles....

His condition improved but many limitations remained. Acknowledging that our lives would never be the same, I decided to officially form a home based business. One that would allow me to be by his side, while generating both an income and a sense of purpose. The Granite Firefly Candle Company was born.

It is because of your support that we are here, celebrating the second anniversary of this little candle company. Life today looks different than we could have ever expected, but the adventure continues in a different way. The gratitude we feel for those who have helped us reach this point is inexplainable, and the possibility of a bright future is real. Pun intended....

As we embark on year three, we feel there is much to celebrate.

To show our appreciation we'd like to offer 20% off all online purchases this week, beginning today 4/4/24. Use coupon code SECONDANNIVERSARY to redeem at check out!

Again, a very sincere THANK YOU for your support. We wouldn't be here without you!

Love and candlelight,

Alicia and Donnie

(and Ivy, too!)


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