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Image of colorful, handcrafted candles with one of a kind feathering in a box ready to ship.


Granite Firefly Candles bring comfort, beauty and joy to your home. The individualized feathering patterns on each one result in a truly unique candle.  They are long-burning, averaging 60-80 hours depending on size and burning technique.  As the candle burns and the flame descends, the shell slowly burns into itself, creating a luminous little lantern that glows in the dark.  Thank you for supporting this New Hampshire small business!


When the pandemic began and we found ourselves home more than ever, candles became a staple, especially during the long winter nights. The soft glow brought comfort and a sense of peace in otherwise unpredictable times.  In January 2021, Donnie sustained a traumatic brain injury.  In the early weeks and months of recovery, he was often unable to tolerate bright light of any kind, either natural or artificial.  The gentle, flickering glow of candlelight was soothing and relaxing, and easy for him to rest beside.  


As his condition improved (and continues to today) Alicia knew she needed to invest her time and efforts into creating a home-based business that would allow her to be at home with him most of the time.  Because of the integral role that candles had played in Donnie’s recovery, it seemed like a natural choice.  Taking cues from her best friend in Denver who had made pillar candles many years ago, Alicia began to experiment.   After extensive research and development, the Granite Firefly was born.  The candles are made in small batches and are hand-poured in Concord, New Hampshire.

Thank you for supporting this New Hampshire small business!

Image of Granite Firefly Candle Company owner and friend in the mountains of New Hampshire.

"Granite Firefly Candles are lovely, handmade candles.  The feathering of the candles gives them a unique quality.  The scents are gentle and welcoming.  The fact they are non-toxic and burn beautifully for over 60 hours makes them a fabulous gift!"

- Jen

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