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Morning Glory: Everything Has It's Place

Morning Glory is the common name for over 1,000 species of flowering plants of the family Convolvulaceae. Whether considered medicinal, decorative or invasive, the morning glory can be found throughout the world.

For many years, I battled the persistent plant in my vegetable garden. Morning Glory insistently climbed up my tomato plants, vined around the stems of my sunflowers, pushed through the fence, and basically grew everywhere it wasn't welcome.

I certainly never thought I'd plant it, and I never dreamed I would design a candle inspired by it.....yet, here we are!

We have this incredible teepee in our yard. Constructed as a fort by our kids when they were about eight years old, this teepee has withstood half a decade of harsh New England weather: high winds, heavy snowfall, brutal humidity and blistering sunshine. When it was no longer needed as a fort, I decided we should find it another use. We've attempted to grow beans, peas and edamame around it, but the heavy soil and pour drainage limited our success. And then, I remembered the Morning Glory: extremely hardy, persistent and almost impossible to discourage.

Three months later, the ten foot tall vines reach for the sky, and the zinnias below add some great color.

Everything DOES have its place.

Our Morning Glory candle is a rich, deep purple color. It's fragrance includes hints of musky amber with light floral tones, sweet cherry blossom and agave. Both the color and the fragrance provide a great way to transition through the late summer and into the early autumn season.

Happy Fall from Granite Firefly!!

Love and Candlelight,



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