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Counting Our Blessings....

As we take some time this week to reflect upon the many things we have to be thankful for, we want to express a sincere THANK YOU to all of you who have supported us over the last eighteen months since we began our journey as the Granite Firefly Candle Company!

As many of you may know, this business came from a life-changing event. When Donnie suffered a brain injury in 2021, life as we knew it changed forever. Although his condition continues to improve, our daily life has been permanently altered.

Life gave us a lemon, so we made candles. The business has been an enormous blessing, and has allowed us to continue to move forward, despite the many new challenges we now face.

To express our gratitude for your continued support in this new chapter of life, we are offering a site-wide discount throughout this holiday weekend. Through Sunday, all online purchases will receive 10% off! Please use coupon code 'THANKFUL' at check out to redeem this offer.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Love and Candlelight,

Alicia and Donnie, and Ivy too


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