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Candle Season is Here!

Cool, crisp days, beautiful colors on the trees and the sun sinking below the horizon just a little earlier each evening can only mean one thing.....candle season is here!

To celebrate, I have created three new fantastically-fall scents for you to experience: Toasted Cinnamon, Cranberry & Fir and Spiced Ginger.

The strong, woody scent ofcinnamon stick, with hints of toasted nutmeg, a little clove and a bit of vanilla make this candle true to its name.

A toasty, reddish brown with the signature silvery feathering will complement any fall decor just perfectly.

Spiced Ginger

A versatile spice that can walk the line between savory and sweet, the unmistakable fragrance of ginger is warming, nostalgic and fabulous for the late fall season. Notes of cinnamon, allspice and a dash of citrus create this truly unique fragrance.

The deep, shiny golden feathering will provide a beautiful accent your autumn display!

As one of the most popular varieties used as Christmas trees, Fraser Fir is an unmistakable part of the holidays. We blended this traditional scent with a woodsy cranberry and found a fragrance that is both sweet and tart, with a bit of evergreen forest.

Silvery swirls complement the burgundy hue, creating a great transition between the fall and winter seasons.....but it just might become a year-round favorite too!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful month, and we can't wait to hear from you soon.

Love and Candlelight,



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