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Tips For an Efficient Burn

The natural, plant based, clean-burning wax used to create our candles is very dense and therefore burns very slowly. This results in a 60-90 hour burn time, depending on the size of the candle. Additionally, the all-cotton, soot-free wicks are carefully selected to ensure an even, efficient burn. The density of the wax also causes the candle to burn down inside of itself, instead of over the sides as a traditional paraffin pillar candle will do. As the flame descends, the walls of the candle becomes progressively thinner, allowing the light and unique feathering patterns to shine through. The candle becomes a little lantern that glows in the dark!

Here are 6 tips to increase the safety and longevity of your candle:

  1. Place the candle on a candle plate or coaster, to avoid any wax residue on furniture.

  2. Before lighting, trim the wick to approximately ¼ inch.

  3. When lighting your candle for the first time, allow it to burn for approximately 3-4 hours, to establish a symmetrical “wax pool.” This will ensure the candle burns evenly and will prolong its life.

  4. Upon the initial lighting, the flame tends to burn very tall so please use caution around curtains and other flammable materials. As the wax pool forms, the flame will relax to a "normal" size.

  5. Try to minimize drafts around the candle.

  6. Always use caution around children and pets!




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